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A Bionian Account gives you access to the Bionian Intranet, which includes detailed information about Greek Universities and Research Centers as well as Horizon 2020 and Transfer Files feature, with a single username and password.  

Why Bionian Cluster asks for your information at sign-up (create an account form)

When you create your account, we’ll ask you for some information to provide you with a secure account.

 A Bionian Account gives you access to all the information in the Bionian Intranet. We ask for some personal information during sign-up in order to keep your account secure and make sure you have a great experience, no matter if you are acting individually or behind a company name.

 1. Your Name will be used across Bionian services. For example, when you create content that you want to share with others, or you want to transfer a file, your name will be appeared with this content.

 2. You will use your Username to sign in to your Bionian Account. Your username is sensitive and you have to use English letters and the first letter has to be capital.

 3. Keep your account secure by choosing a good Password. When creating a password, be sure to do the following:

                                   1. Choose a smart password

                                   2. Do not reuse this password on another site

                                   3. Use letters, numbers and characters to ensure your password is difficult to guess

                                   4. Use at least 8-10 characters

Account Type. We will use your account type for things like identify your account. Anyone who views your profile will know your type of account. The type can be “Company” or “Individual” and it is public by default.

Description Table. This table is used to provide all the other members with a description about your company or yourself. Having a detailed description helps all the users understand your background and your field of interests. If you have a company account then you can write an "at a glance" text, otherwise you can use your CV’s basic information.

User Image (Avatar). Upload your avatar picture or the logo of your company and make your account look more professional.

URL (website). Inform the Bionian Cluster members about your website and let them explore your company/individual page.


Do not forget that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


If you are facing trouble signing in, you can simply click the Forgot your password? or Forgot your username?  link beneath the Sign in box in the leftside of the "Bionian Intranet" page.


After creating your account.

After clicking the "Register" button in the form, you are done. The Bionian Team will activate your account within the next two (2) days, and a confirmation mail will be sent to you with the link for your activated account.

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