Becoming a Member

Benefits of Becoming a member

Bionian Cluster has the vision of putting Greece in the forefront of biotechnology in two main areas, namely clinical investigation and environmental health by strengthening the collaboration links between the cluster’s members.

Cluster’s members have the advantage of the following benefits:

  • Increase productivity through specialized inputs and synergies with the best Research Centers and Universities all around the world
  • Increase reputation
  • Access to new and relevant information and surveys which related to each member specialization areas
  • Reduce the timeline of projects
  • Less input costs via economies of scale
  • Higher employment growth via the consulting and education services which will be offered by the cluster
  • Strong network

Cluster membership

Cluster membership is open to organizations, companies, departments and laboratories of public and private research organizations as well as to individuals who are working independently and who have skills of interest and relevance to the cluster. Membership applications are evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis by the Cluster’s management board depending on the added value applicants can bring to the cluster through their knowledge and business activities. The core strategic pillar of Bionian’s Cluster activities is an active exchange and collaboration between members on topics of joint interest. The achievement of this collaboration is strongly depended on the active participation of each cluster member.

Membership fee

Each new member has to pay once a year a membership fee. The annual membership fee is 500€. Once the management board of cluster approves the application, the candidate member will immediately become an active member and will have access to all basic benefits and information within the cluster.Research centers and universities may become members for free.


Once the Committee has made a decision, the candidate member will be notified by the Manager of Bionian Cluster. The review process takes approximately one month.