Bionian Academy

Nowadays, knowledge has a great impact on progress and development, the Bionian Academy, as a research tool, assumes a leading role in the training of the Cluster members, emphasizing on its educational character by transferring knowledge and skills.More specifically, Bionian Academy with its educational platform takes care of the teaching and training reinforcement of innovative specialties and high specialties, using modern teaching methods, which through interactive and experiential paths, transmit knowledge, enhance skills and lead to the perfection and the long life education of the cluster’s members.Organizing Daily Conferences, Seminars, International Conferences, supporting pioneer University Biotechnology programs, as well as creating smart specialties through crash courses, the Academy constitutes the basic educational environment. Furthermore, through E-learning we reinforce the distant education.Our duty is the creation and the coordination of scientific workshops for the exploitation of European programs of Innovation and Research Horizon 2020, Educational Continuance in collaboration with Interior and Exterior Educational Foundations / Universities, aiming at the formation of attitude and amelioration of Health Structures in Greece.




Employee training is a vital part in any business. It's more than just for the new employess. Employee training is an important part for any business and for any employee. On going training is a way to keep your employees constantly motivated. Motivation is the key goal of employee training. It is insure that they understand the inner workings of the business. Training helps your employees to understand the mission statement for your company and make them feel to embody in company.