What is cluster

  • "Cluster is a group of industries and organizations that are linked together in buying and selling relationships, or who share the same infrastructure, customers or skills base and whose linkages enhance competitive advantage."

    Prof. Michael E. Porter
    Harvard Business School.
  • "Cluster is a regional concentration of industries or firms that gain advantages through such concentration."


The idea to Creative Cluster was born after the observing trends on the market and – looking further – economic processes that take place in the modern world, with an increasingly cross-border scope.

A cluster as an association of companies with complementary profiles (one that creates a value chain) and areas of activity,that will set directions and strategies for action that will be coherent and beneficial for all its members.

Companies’ activities are becoming increasingly global and international, to increase the competitiveness of their services and products. It becomes necessary to look for new, innovative solutions that increase profitability to companies.

Creating such entities is important since European Union funds are of increasing significance in creating and financing clusters.