Health sciences and biotechnology have become pivotal to certain sectors of the European Union. The European Commission pronounced the year 2010 as the start of its new doctrine, "the knowledge based bio-economy towards 2020". Thus means that Europe considers Life Sciences and Biotechnology are the primary foundation upon which novel initiatives should be based in order to achieve sustainable solutions to the currently adverse economic climate in EU.

Biotechology activities include Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, but also Environmental Sciences, industrial processing and primary production. In 2002, the "European Biotechnology Strategy & Action Plan" identified the development of stronger biotechnology clusters and networks as a key means of improving Europe's competitiveness. Europe has an impressive number of Biotechnology Clusters and networks covering the entire European Union.

The BIONIAN CLUSTER follows a widely applied cluster formation model across the EU and covers the following areas:

·      Promotes economic growth by facilitati up the transaction of res ideas and funding arising from Academic / Research Institutions and the private industry

·      Facilitates the creation, function, interaction and viable growth of innovative corporations

·      Constitutes a powerful tool for research and development in a challenging corporate and competitive market environment