Mission / Vision

The establishment and development of a Greek biotechnology cluster would most likely impact society as a whole as a result of the provision of high quality health services and products both locally and internationally. Bionian Cluster constitutes a recently established health sciences cluster in Greece and SEE. The Cluster has been established within Greece. The Cluster aims to contribute substantially to regional economic development by overcoming the divide between academic research hubs and related stakeholders of the private industry. The scope of the Cluster’s activities target primarily SEE countries, while aspiring to emerge as an important stakeholder in the Middle East/ North African (MENA) region.
The vision of the Bionian Cluster is to bring Greece to the forefront of biotechnology worldwide in two main themes: (a) the Biomedical Sciences, with a focus on applied clinical research, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, and (b) the Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), with a focus on the reduction of the burden of human illness and disability through a better understanding of the impact of environmental factors and exposures on disease pathogenesis and progression, as well as on general human health.

Bionian Cluster's Aims

  • To promote research and market development in Health Sciences and Biotechnology applications and a knowledge-based Bioeconomy in SE Europe.

  • To foster competitiveness, knowledge transfer and innovation from the science base to the industry.

  • To enhance job creation and economic prosperity.

  • To develop an incubation Center for Start-ups and Spin-off companies.